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What constitutes as police brutality?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2023 | Police Misconduct

Despite bet efforts to stop police brutality, it remains a severe problem in New York and across the nation. While certain instances may require a police officer to use force to restrain a suspect, going beyond what is necessary can be considered an act of brutality. Such behavior may fall under the umbrella of police misconduct, and the victim might have a civil case.

Understanding police brutality

Some actions taken by the police can be deemed as acts of brutality. For example, if the police were to beat a suspect and continue to beat the person even after the individual became incapacitated, that would be considered excessive force on the part of the officers.

The way the police detain a suspect Can also be considered brutality. Situations exist where the police use a chokehold that causes fatalities. Other situations involve the police restraining someone to the point where the suspect suffers injuries. Improperly restraining and placing someone inside a police van might lead to injuries during transit.

The improper use of deadly force is an extreme example of police brutality. Discharging a weapon without cause can cost someone their life.

Legal actions for victims of police brutality

Victims of police brutality can have a civil case against officers who commit such actions. The victim may seek compensation for their financial losses derived from injuries and seek punitive awards to punish the police for their behavior.

Compelling evidence can help a police brutality lawsuit. Cell phone or security camera footage that recorded the incident might help prove the case. Also, medical records and expert testimony can prove that the police caused injuries by using excessive force. Providing such evidence in court can be crucial for having a successful outcome to a civil lawsuit.