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Holding The Police Accountable For Misconduct

Kawaski Trawick. Elvis Olivio. Ramarley Graham. These are just some of the many victims of police brutality and misconduct, hundreds of whom go unnoticed by the public every year. Police misconduct plagues our justice system, and I am determined to give a voice to the people it harms.

My name is Royce Russell and for the past 30 years I have been a stalwart representative for civil rights here in New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas. I’m a proud Black man, born and raised in the Bronx. The sooner we start on your case, the more control we have, so please call me today at 718-210-4290.

Now Is The Time For Justice

Police misconduct is most familiar to us as police brutality or excessive force, when police use a disproportionate level of violence during an interaction, often leading to serious injury or death. It can also appear as harassment, malicious prosecution or a failure to intervene. Any of these is grounds for a misconduct claim.

But justice is not easy. Police forces, police unions and qualified immunity laws make pursuing justice for police victims difficult, but not impossible. With the right legal experience and skill, combined with strong evidence and quick action, we can bring a successful case and hold the police accountable.

As your attorney, I compile evidence like witness testimony, police reports and your full medical evaluation to demonstrate that the force was unreasonable. I can demonstrate the full damage to the courts and then pursue justice in the form of punitive actions and compensation.

Making Sure The Police Protect And Serve Everyone

Let me be the first to welcome you to R-SQUARE, ESQ. PLLC. I am proud to be a passionate advocate, effective attorney and man of color. Together, you can get justice. Call 718-210-4290 or complete my online form to schedule a free consultation.