Standing Beside You – Fighting For Justice
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Employees Across New York Deserve A Fair Shake

Employment law is complicated, and a lot depends on the terms of your employment contract, but there are some universal truths: your employer cannot discriminate against you; you do not have to tolerate sexual harassment; and if your employer violates your rights as an employee, you can take action.

I am attorney Royce Russell. I understand what it is like to face unfair treatment and to need a voice in the system. I have over 30 years of legal experience, all dedicated to the pursuit of justice. I can fight for you, and together we can achieve the best possible outcome.

Standing Up To Unethical And Illegal Employment Practices

During my career, I have been a staunch advocate for justice in all its forms. I use my legal knowledge and acumen to identify the heart of a legal issue, gather and present evidence and fight for my clients, even under complex circumstances. My experience includes:

  • Representing individuals who are wrongly fired
  • Negotiating severance agreements
  • Demanding restitution for employees who face discrimination under Title IX
  • Putting a stop to hostile work environments by way of employment conflict resolution (Constructive Termination)

I am proud of what I have accomplished as a Black man, and I understand exactly how prejudice and discrimination can factor into your case. I do not tolerate racism, sexism and homophobia in New York workplaces.

Standing Up For Your Rights Begins When You Call Me

If an employment issue is plaguing your life and leaving you unable to thrive, call my office at 718-210-4290 and we can sit down to talk. You can also contact me through my online form.