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Raising My Voice In Your Defense

Criminal allegations bring a lifetime of consequences, particularly if a jury votes to convict. Even individuals who do not spend a night in jail can find themselves unable to get stable housing, go to school, work or exercise their basic rights like voting. When faced with accusations, you need to take an active role in your future and find a way to tell your story loudly and clearly.

At R-SQUARE, ESQ. PLLC, you work directly with me, attorney Royce Russell. I am a lifelong New Yorker, and I understand exactly what the criminal justice system does to our convicted neighbors. I know that your story, your struggles and your needs matter. Call me today for an appointment: 718-210-4290.

30 Years Working With The Law

Prior to my work as a criminal defense attorney, I worked as a prosecutor. This works to your advantage: in addition to my long and successful record of criminal defense cases, I know how the prosecutors think and the strategies they use.

I have successfully represented clients in a wide range of cases, including both state and federal cases.

Experienced Criminal Defense In State Cases

Case which only involve state laws and occur solely within New York and New Jersey are tried in state courts. I help clients with a wide range of state charges, including:

  • Drug possession and distribution
  • Gun possession
  • Theft or burglary
  • Physical or sexual assault
  • Murder
  • Surrenders

Protecting Your Best Interest Against Federal Criminal Charges

When a charge involves federal laws and occurs across state borders, you need an attorney who understands the federal court system. Federal crimes often include felonies, such as:

  • Drug conspiracy
  • Credit card and identity theft
  • Kidnapping
  • Capitol case / death penalty
  • Terrorist threats
  • Federal investigations

Take A Proactive Approach To Your Defense

Make the most of the time you have by starting a case as soon as you know the police are investigating you or making an arrest. I can also help if the police falsely arrest you or otherwise cause you harm during the arrest.

Contact my office by phone at 718-210-4290 or through my online contact form for a consultation. You need to get an attorney working on your case as soon as possible to improve your chances of staying out of jail.