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A Steady, Righteous Voice When Police Brutality Becomes Fatal

Police brutality is untenable, and when it leads to death, there must be a reckoning. There is no way to bring back the dead, but you can get justice. The legal system makes holding the police accountable difficult. You will need the right combination of evidence, testimony and tenacious representation.

My name is Royce Russell and for the past 30 years I have been a stalwart representative for civil rights here in New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas. I’m a proud Black man, born and raised in the Bronx. The sooner we start on your case, the more control we have, so please call me today at 718-210-4290.

How R-SQUARE, ESQ. PLLC Advocates For Your Family In Wrongful Death Cases

To successfully hold the police accountable for your loss, you need to be relentless. The law is written in favor of the police, and law enforcement is notorious for standing by their colleagues, even when those officers are clearly in the wrong. Here is what I can bring to the table:

  • Effective use of material evidence like ruined clothing or video evidence
  • Detailed and thorough collection of medical evidence, including doctors’ notes, X-rays and MRI results, photos of injuries and other medical documents
  • A wide professional network of doctors, public safety officers and forensic experts who can testify to the facts
  • Unparalleled advocacy, backed by three decades of experience with law enforcement, the justice system and cases like yours

I do not back down from a challenge, especially when a person’s life was lost. Ask me about your case and get an honest and complete evaluation.

Your Future. Your Family. Your Story.

My mission is the same today as it was 30 years ago: making sure that the justice system is actually just – for everyone. Schedule a meeting with me by email or call 718-210-4290.