Standing Beside You – Fighting For Justice
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Walking With You On The Road To Freedom

The legal system is not a kind place, especially for some people whom society traditionally leaves behind. Growing up as a young Black man in the Bronx, I learned this lesson quickly. My experience is a major reason why I am a passionate advocate today. After spending 30 years working with men, women and children impacted by the criminal justice system, civil rights law and immigration law, I am honored to continue my work by bringing your voice to the law at my firm, R-SQUARE, ESQ. PLLC.

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Taking An Active Role In The Community

Your rights and the rights of every New Yorker should be at the forefront of the law. Unfortunately, I have witnessed people from all walks of life lose their freedoms and even their lives unnecessarily. My work as a lawyer does not stop when I leave the courtroom; my work is making your rights accessible to you, no matter who you are.

In addition to my work as a criminal defense lawyer and an advocate for civil rights, I have spent my time making your rights comprehensive and approachable, including as an author of my book Cardiac Arrest: A Tactical Guide on How to Handle Unlawful Police Stops, and as the host of the show Speaking Legally. I know this process is intimidating, but you are not alone; the answers are right here.

We Can Get Through This Together

You and your story matter to me, and, when you come into my office, you get personal attention and honest legal advocacy. Let me know more about how I can help by calling me at 718-210-4290 or sending me a message online.