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Effective Legal Solutions Do Not Need To Come From A Judge

For most organizations, whether they are dealing with an employment law issue, a liability dispute or another matter, court action is rarely the way to go. Courts are unpredictable, expensive and time consuming. Fortunately, there are alternatives to litigation.

At R-SQUARE, ESQ. PLLC, I work to preserve my clients’ best interests while minimizing the time and energy they need to spend on the legal system. I work with private and public organizations as well as individuals from across New York. Reach me today at my office, at 718-210-4290.

What Is Mediation?

You’ve probably heard the term “mediation” or “a mediator” before. In the colloquial sense, people often use it to say that they are acting as a go-between in tense situations. The legal term is not too far off from this use; a legal mediator hears both sides of a dispute and attempts to help the parties involved find a solution that both can live with. Rather than going to court, which puts the decisions in the hands of a judge, the mediator is there to empower the parties to find a solution together.

My colleagues across New York, including those working with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and alternative dispute resolution agencies, have come to me often, asking that I assist them in a mediation or an arbitration issue. This is because of my experience and my dedication to fair treatment for all.

Find A Solution You Can Work With

I have worked as an attorney in New York for 30 years and New Jersey for 18 years, and I understand the cultural and economic impact this process has. Moreover, I know that the legal system should always keep sight of the people involved. The best resolutions are the ones that fit the people involved. Send me an email today or call 718-210-4290 to schedule an initial consult.