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Resolve Your Issues Productively And Efficiently With Arbitration And Alternative Dispute Resolution

At the height of conflict, even in one that seems impersonal and entirely business motivated, there is tension. Each side of the fight has a story to tell about why they are in the right and how their side is just. With arbitration, all parties involved can speak up in front of a neutral third-party and get a quick resolution that avoids litigation.

At R-SQUARE, ESQ. PLLC, you work directly with me, one of New York’s and New Jersey’s most well-regarded attorneys. I have been chosen/selected as an arbitrator for Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), small claims matters and provide consultations concerning complex civil matters. Learn more about my work in arbitration at your first consultation.

Why Companies And Individuals Choose Arbitration

Arbitration is a distinct form of alternative dispute resolution. Unlike its counterpart, mediation, arbitration results in a legally binding resolution often determined by the arbitrator. The process often begins before a conflict arises, when both parties agree to enter arbitration if something goes wrong; this may be as part of an employment contract or another legal agreement. Then, when an issue arises, both parties will hire lawyers and agree upon a fair and neutral third-party arbitrator who hears both sides of the story and determines an appropriate resolution.

Arbitration is a preferable option for many parties. Rather than pursuing litigation, arbitration offers a discrete, effective resolution that saves both time and money.

Preparing For Arbitration

I am R.R. an attorney with over 30 years and 18 years respectively, of legal experience and reputation in the NY/NJ legal legal community for justice. I work regularly with organizations like Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Eastern District of New York Federal Courts. Call me today at 718-210-4290 or complete my online form to schedule a consultation.