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What To Do When Civil Servants Violate Your Civil Rights

America has taken a long road on its journey to protecting everyone’s civil rights. Even after decades of work, police and other civil servants infringe on civil rights every day, sometimes with deadly outcomes. If someone denies you your constitutional rights, it is time to act – quickly and decisively.

My name is Royce Russell. For 30 years, I have represented people from across New York in cases just like yours, where a civil rights violation creates an untenable situation. I have both the experience and the fortitude you need to get justice. Email me today to talk about your rights and how I can support you.

No One Should Infringe On Your Rights

As an American, or even someone living in or visiting the United States, you are entitled to certain safeties and protections. This is especially true during your interactions with the police. My goal is to tell your story, loudly and clearly, and to obtain justice on your behalf.

I advocate for restitution and justice when:

The police and the police union are insular and often work in tandem to prevent accountability. I have no tolerance for such actions, and I will use the knowledge, skills and tools at my disposal to protect you and set your life right.

I Will Tell Your Story

The law should be a tool to speak out about injustice, and I am a stalwart champion for my clients. I will tell your story, proudly, and advocate for you with every resource at my disposal. Come to my office at 718-210-4290 or contact me online.