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Hertz and false arrest controversies

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | False Arrest/False Imprisonment, Police Misconduct

The Hertz car rental company finds itself dealing with public relations and legal troubles as news breaks about lawsuits related to false arrests. Not surprisingly, if someone rents a car in New York and fails to return it, the rental service might file a police report. Lawsuits against Hertz allege the company mistakenly accused customers of stealing vehicles, leading to false arrest lawsuits.

Hertz and false arrests

Reports about Hertz’s false arrest controversies emerged after the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Plaintiffs allege that Hertz’s personnel filed stolen vehicle reports because of faulty policies that led to the incidents. Some customers reported they were pulled over by police and arrested at gunpoint. Roughly 50 people are suing Hertz over false arrest incidents.

Victims claim that negligence led to their arrest. For example, Hertz personnel did not log rental extensions or document payments properly. Poor record keeping sometimes led to accusing legitimate customers of theft, leading to their arrest.

Legal action over false arrests

Incidents of false arrest/false imprisonment don’t always resolve quickly. The person arrested could spend significant time in county jail before straightening the situation out. The accused might suffer mental trauma or become a victim of violence while incarcerated. Ultimately, the person whose behavior caused the false arrest may be liable for the victim’s suffering.

The victims might sue the police for false arrest. The police must have sufficient evidence to arrest someone. Although a rental company may accuse someone of theft, the person could have proof they paid for the vehicle. Ignoring the accused’s evidence and arresting the person could lead to litigation against the police department.