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Wrongly convicted get justice from the NY DA

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | False Arrest/False Imprisonment

Accepting bribes, perjury, planting evidence, the criminal sale of a controlled substance, gun sales and other serious crimes were committed by eight former New York police officers on the wrong side of the law. Many of their crimes were committed against innocent New Yorkers, some of whom suffered greatly at their hands.

Blemishing the badge

In light of these convictions, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg, Jr., in conjunction with several legal aid agencies, began the process of vacating nearly 200 misdemeanor charges connected to these eight bad apples among the ranks. The DA’s Post-Conviction Justice Unit (PCJU) conducted an investigation into more than 1000 cases by 22 convicted cops. It found among other things that the due process of the detainees was woefully violated. The 2021 list from which these 188 cases was retrieved was submitted by legal advocacy agencies. This list contains the names of people who were questionably charged with crimes by 22 convicted NY officers.

Between 2001 and 2016 when these crimes against the community occurred, these eight former officers arrested hundreds of people. The damage in some cases is irrevocable. Some people were sent to prison for crimes they did not commit. Others lost jobs while simultaneously having to pay large legal fees. Some lost their housing.

Restoring Hope

The DA acknowledged that the majority of police officers are dedicated public servants. However, these eight who were sworn to serve and protect the public actually proved to be a threat to public safety. With these motions to vacate, the DA is taking steps to rectify the past and hopefully restore trust in the communities where these miscarriages of justice occurred.